About us

SWP (Spider-Webb Productions) was founded in 2022 by Gavin Webb. He started this company to make films for the next generation of filmmakers. We are an indie film company that makes Horror Films, Documentaries, and YouTube Web Series. We are slowly getting our name out there with our first ever long-form film "The King Opera House" - A Paranormal Documentary!

  • Gavin Webb - Founder

    Gavin Webb grew up in a small town in Arkansas. He Graduated from Alma High School in 2021 and knew exactly what he wanted to do next in life, Make Movies. His passion for making films has been with him since he was a kid. The first movie he remembers watching was "Ghostbusters" which didn't just introduce him into filmmaker, but also the Paranormal. At age 13 he made a YouTube channel which got him into video production and also video editing. Now, Gavin is a Writer, Director, Producer, and Editor for SWP!

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  • Diego Lane - Producer

    Diego Lane grew up in a Small town in Arkansas. He graduated from Alma High School in 2022 and went straight to work at a local business. He was first introduced into film in High School by Gavin. They met through mutual friends and they teamed up together to make YouTube videos. He was more into soccer and being a Business man, But he enjoyed making videos as well. Now, Diego is a Camera Operator, Producer, and equiptment tech for SWP!

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  • Lillian Holmes - Actor

    Lillian Holmes is a name you'll be hearing more often very soon here at SWP.